August 10, 2021

Evolution Of Tuberculosis

Evolution of Totally Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Origin and Evolution- A Neck to Neck Race Tuberculosis (TB) is a highly contagious disease that transmits through droplet nuclei. When an infected person coughs, talks, or sneezes, the aerosols containing Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) spread in the air. Inhalation of these particles allows the bacilli to enter the lungs of a healthy individual, thus making the …

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Whole Genome Sequencing

The Path Travelled in TB Diagnosis- Milestones achieved! Physical examination– was the only way to diagnose TB in ancient times.  Classical symptoms– hemoptysis, night sweats, and fever formed the diagnostic base. Discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB)– a breakthrough achieved with Robert Koch’s findings. Acid-fast staining– allowed microscopic identification; a test that remains unchanged from its inception. Tuberculin skin test– gave insight into patients’ previous exposure to tuberculosis. X-rays– are used to …

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